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out of obscurity is currently working on the action-packed thriller The Diamond Runners.

The Diamond Runners - Beat up, shot at, on the run for her life: Who says diamonds are a girl's best friend?

Dylan races bikes for a living, Juliet is a teenage runaway in search of her dreams. When they meet on the road to L.A. neither has any idea how their lives are about to be changed by two corrupt cops. Stone and Johanssen figure they've just got lucky; in pursuit of the suspect from a spectacular jewel heist they decide to dispense with the paperwork of an arrest and shoot the guy instead, in the process pocketing a fortune in uncut diamonds. After that audacious act the business of off-loading the stones should be easy. But they reckon without Dylan and Juliet.

Our development slate also includes:

  • The Promise: a big-budget, action-adventure comedy with planes, boats and a trove of hidden treasure

  • Charlie and the Dream Wanderer: a delightfully quirky romantic comedy about an angel called Bruce and a supermodel with a surprising destiny

  • The Transformation of Tess: a gender-bending comedy about a political troubleshooter who will do anything, including becoming one of the guys, to get the job done

In addition to producing films in-house out of obscurity also develops original projects selected through the many submissions we receive. So if you think you've got a project worthy of the silver screen we'd love to hear from you.

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