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Pacific Media & Entertainment

Pacific Media & Entertainment (PME) was founded by Doug Falconer and Barry Josephson, former President of Production at Sony Columbia Tristar. Over the years films that have been either overseen, developed, produced and distributed by the management team of PME while serving as Presidents of one of the major studios and as independent producers include Men In Black, Wild Wild West, In The Line Of Fire, Get Shorty, Air Force One, Anaconda and The Fifth Element.

PME's senior executives have produced several recent studio movies including Like Mike, Big Trouble starring Tim Allen, The Ladykillers starring Tom Hanks, Hide and Seek starring Robert De Niro and, most recently, Disney's blockbuster Enchanted, which has grossed $350m+ to date and was nominated for two Oscars. Mr. Falconer is also Executive Producer on the recent Barrie Osborne (Lord Of The Rings) film The Warrior's Way starring Jeffrey Rush and Kate Bosworth. PME's offices are currently at Fox Studios.

PME is an asset based company which finances and owns its own films rather than having studio partners finance the films and take the lion's share of the profits. PME will produce 15 films over the next 5 years. In addition to Messrs. Falconer and Josephson the other key executives of PME are Duncan Clark, former President of World Wide Production at Sony Columbia TriStar, and Jeffrey Andrick, former First Vice President of Comerica Bank.

Studio Beyond - An Online Universe for Movie Making

Studio Beyond is a new online media and entertainment platform focused on bringing together movie professionals, industry executives, new talent, press and funding in one place to introduce a revolutionary new way of making movies in the interconnected world of the 21st Century. Visit Studio Beyond on www.studiobeyond.net

out of obscurity is the dedicated financing partner of Studio Beyond. The Movie Portfolio Fund partnered with Studio Beyond at its launch at the Cannes Film Festival 2009.



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