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out of obscurity receives hundreds of submissions every month from people all over the planet looking for funds to produce their movies. Recently these have included a pitch for $40 million in funding for a studio blockbuster, $10 million to acquire a forthcoming Oscar-mentioned indie drama with an all-star cast, and a micro-budget documentary filmed in a remote corner of Asia, along with projects from many up and coming film-makers. Lots of these projects have the potential to become great movies but for the necessary funding, know-how, or just the right contacts in the business. And although we do respond to everyone who gets in touch with us, there are many times when we can't offer practical assistance.

That's why we're thrilled to introduce The Pitch Page, an open platform where you can present a summary of your project to potential financiers, producers and partners all over the world. Simply send us a brief summary on your project and we'll post it here on our Pitch Page. You can take advantage of the exposure and audience out of obscurity has in the movie industry, not just in Hollywood but around the world. We can't guarantee anything but we'd like to give your project as much opportunity as possible to gain valuable exposure and perhaps the attention, partners and investors that you're seeking.

So go ahead and email us a few simple details about your project: take a look at the listings below to see how we present them.

And, if you're an investor or producer and you're interested to know more about any of the projects on our Pitch Page, just email us and we'll put you in touch with the project people directly.

The Pitch Page Listings



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